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I stumbled upon the work of Tatiana Plakhova,

Dubbed ‘complex graphics’, these illustrations depict “imaginary landscapes of interconnected entities”

Balance, form, light and shade, with an underlying theme of nature, mathematics and space, I have much love for these..







Check out her website here





a kaleidoscope of sorts, fragments of me

image // me

as the sun sets






nikko national park, japan






bilambil heights, nsw






belongil fields, byron bay



sunset snaps // images by me





This little film is a sure-fire winner!

A visual feast, avant-garde styling with a sense of the foreboding

Black + White, bride and widow, a juxtaposition and exploration of both good + evil

It’s called G(O)OD+(D)EVIL and it’s directed by Chris Turner for Twenty6 Magazine,




rabbit + cocoon, (art, fashion and music)

culture on the coast, all the good stuff

rabbit + cocoon is a new(ish) creative precinct that provides spaces and resources for motivated people to run arts practices, businesses and events that contribute towards the Gold Coast’s cultural ecology. They also stage programs and events that promote a vibrant and sustainable arts community. They are a Not-for-Profit artist-run collective.

Recently I was involved in their fashionably conscious event, where local designers showcased their wares. The night was a great success and all proceeds went to charity (in this case youngcare). It’s great to see that the Gold Coast arts scene is being fostered by initiatives such as this.. keep it up!

This little film sums up the night:


Jacky Tsai, bringing her own brand of cool,

An artist who fusions eastern influences onto western pop art

She is the brainchild behind Alexander McQueen’s famous skull print, which adorned the collection a couple of seasons back and is still considered a trademark of the famed fashion house

I find her skulls, which combine the juxtaposition of elements of colours and texture through the use of flowers, an amazing example of the trajectory of her works,

Keep them coming, check her website here

denim gang




denim and its connotations

bands, music, groupies and a counter culture

this collage, a timeline exploring denim’s influence, from the 1800’s til present




image // me, collage // me


If you reside in the Gold Coast/Tweed/Brisbane area head to the new Hilton in Surfers Paradise and check out speculator (website)

A collection of proposals from Bond University architectural studies students, in collaboration with architects from CRAB Studio London

Sparking desire and debate, hoping to initiate a cultural revolution on the Gold Coast..

(more pictures coming)



Portraiture by Nagi Sakai for Please! Magazine

Colour, abstraction and texture achieved by adding a paint overlay, clever

we are nature

Christoffer Relander, Finnish photographer

Double and triple exposure

Where subject (form) and nature (texture) become explicit,

the breakdown of traditional portraiture and landscape photography has been realised




check his website here