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mr breuer

Marcel Breuer, you genius

A man who dabbled in the De Stijl and the Bauhaus but was always original and iconic



Church of St Francis of Sales, Muskegon, Michigan,


singapore; a glimpse

Looking up in Singapore, discovering some surprising little gems








images // me



marina bay sands; a glimpse

My recent travels allowed me to explore this architectural intrigue,

Expensive beyond compare, this mega-hotel and casino spared nothing in its search for ‘icon’ status

Moshe Safdie was the architect behind the unique form, which super-engineer firm ARUP described as one of the hardest projects they had ever worked on. The large, column free lobby area of the three towers was achieved by transferring the load to the outer wall of the building, no mean feat when one of the walls is gently leaning.








Arguably a great engineering and commercial example of the power of a building, 

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beautifully engineered

Stumbled upon this amazing example of the architectural potential of infrastructure..


Often deemed as engineers territory, this hydro-electric power station in Kempten, Germany by Becker Architekten, is a sublime example of form and function working in symbiosis.


Situated in a residential context, the power station in neither obtrusive or an eye-sore, rather its’ very nature calmly imitates the water which it manipulates, with sturdy concrete providing the form..


the glass farm

Forward thinking dutch firm MVRDV have just completed their modern take on the glass house with their ‘glass farm‘ in a town called Schijndel, in the Netherlands.


The building’s steel frame structure is clad entirely in glass panels, printed with pictures taken from local farmhouses, referencing the agricultural vernacular of the town. Artist Frank Van Der Salm was responsible for creating the collage, a collective image used to create the essence of “vernacular authenticity”.


The building is situated in the town’s main square and is home to restaurants, shops and a wellness centre..






Images // me

An exploration into human form for an architecture assignment

blurry faced and crimson hued..


bespoke truss

Bespoke trusses,

A design response, taking the generic truss and turning it upside down

An architecture and technology experiment, design and make

old brunswick (VIC)

Brunswick gems, hidden lanes and backyard fun,

Wide blue skies and rusty red fences, I love this little suburban bliss!

// images, by me

CRAB time

Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham (from CRAB Studio London) in house and critting our studio work..

A full house, nerves abound!



Interviews etc for the new school of architecture building at Bond (#starchitects, what)

(Images from Chris Knapp)

in progress

I am in the process of setting up an online portfolio (a scary thought)

Prospective employers please wander over and freely view two years of studio work (be aware however it is still under construction)

Here is the link: ashley in the world