by andfuturedust

An interesting article on thecoolhunter’s site, concerning the state/style of typical buildings (mediocre) which keep being approved by local councils. As the article emphasises, architecture and iconic design (hard work, expensive builds) are continuously shunned in favour of the ‘quick fix’. Cheap buildings which are quick to construct..

Souless, cultureless and generic.. these buildings breed the culture (or anti-culture) of the city/town in which it inhabits

Prime example: the Gold Coast.. where quality architecture is far and few to find

The relevence: This year, at uni, we have been peeling back the layers of identity, searching for inspiration and the soul of the Gold Coast. Can architecture coax something new from a city which is often defined by the sleazy and the cheap? Where the highway and the house + land package dominate, to the detriment of the beach culture and the beautiful environment it traipses over..

Maybe CRAB Studio’s new architecture school building at Bond University will set a new precedent (architecture + the Gold Coast)¬†

image // me, concrete planes in the vertical