secret garden

by andfuturedust

Nature exploration in the heart of Milan’s design week, a secret garden where architecture and design collide, resulting in design which entices the collective senses..

Orto Botanico is the garden, hidden in ancient Milan, Italy

The designers:

Barovier & Toso, Who created blown glass light installations and chandeliers

Citco, Who created marble surfaces of an extreme ornamental nature

The architects:

Paolo Navone, responsible for the hazelnut ‘huts’ of intense violet where Barovier & Toso creations float, creating an abstracted world of colour and light

Zaha Hadid, responsible for the undulating surface of the marble pavilion, where Citco marble can be explored in the 3D, in a holistic exploration between the body and the product

Zaha stated that : ‘the complex beauty found in the organizational patterns of the natural world’ and ‘ the peerless logic and harmony of nature’ provided the concept for this design..

All images from yatzer.