serpentine, london

by andfuturedust

Swiss architectural firm Herzog + De Meuron (collaborating with Ai Weiwei) have just been announced as the designers of the new Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde Park, London

An archeological exploration of the site acts as the parameters for the design concept, as the Pavilion digs into the earth, investigating and uncovering the form of past pavilions. Layers of foundations and long-forgotton forms will form the basis for the new Pavilion.

The underside will be clad in cork, a durable and natural material. While the floating disc above will act as a shallow basin collecting rain water, reflecting the surroundings. The disc can also be drained, establishing a stage for performances.

The history of the Serpentine Pavilion dates to 2000, with the world’s foremost architects contributing. This infograph posted by archdaily sums up the history of the site: