coffee communicate

by andfuturedust

The old adage “communication is clear” serves true in the design world


Visual design needs to push the limits but retain a sense of sensible nostalgia in order to retain and allure the desired audience and portray the required message

Stumbled upon design firm column five and their work this evening, a firm which I believe, are ticking all the boxes

With an emphasis on infographics:

                Which is basically a combination of informative graphic representation (think pie charts, scatter graphs and diagrams) and considered graphic notations

I am especially intrigued by their in caffeine we trust poster

As a uni student, coffee addiction is part-and-parcel to the studying lifestyle of late nights and tedious lectures, where nodding off is only suppressed by a shot of liquid gold…caffeine


This little poster combines two of the firms loves:  

                                                “caffeine consumption and data visualization”

You fill in the poster according to coffee consumed per day. Simple, smart, engaging and clever. Love.