by andfuturedust

I have just finished reading Freddie Mercury: The Definitive Biography, by Lesley-Ann Jones.

It is amazing to gain an insight into the life of a rock star who I find so fascinating.

The music of Queen has long been engaging to me, as well as the enigmatic front man Freddie.

The bio starts from his childhood, living in Zanzibar, through to his eventual death, in London.

The book paints a man who was creative and talented beyond belief, but also cursed. Cursed by his own insecurities, his fame and even the talents which made him a superstar. Apparently he was shy beyond belief offstage, in comparison to the larger than life performer we witness in live footage of him.

Ah Freddie, deepest respect to your work and your talents.

As a side-note I find it sad, in a way, that he did die so relatively young. Some of the most creative souls in the world, from Elvis Presley to Jim Morrison, seem to have passed much too early. Is it the curse of fame? Of living a life too large? It is however encouraging that time has not extinguished their memory or their art. Current generations still have the privilege of discovering the music of these legends and for that, I am grateful.